Jae Oh DDS Louis Jerome DMD



The history of our practice

Our office, one of the very first practices limited exclusively to Endodontics in Bergen County, has been operating continuously at this location for more than 50 years. It was conceived of and launched by Dr. Martin Weiselberg, one of the few practitioners who were recognized as specialists in Endodontics back in the middle 1960's. 

After completing hisbasic dental education, serving in the U. S. Army and completing two years of Specialty Training, Dr. Fred Harris, who had been a student of Dr. Weiselberg's at NYU College of Dentistry, joined the practice.  Together, the two, both of whom taught Endodontics at NYU, grew and ran the practice until Dr. Weiselberg's retirement in 1983.

Dr. Louis Jerome joined the practice in 1983 bringing new perspectives along with a great deal of technical skill and an abundance of enthusiasm.  He and Dr Harris practiced together until the latter's retirement in 2001.  

Dr. Jerome was a sole practitioner until Dr. Jae Oh joined him in 2015. Dr. Oh is not only an accomplished practitioner but he also brings to the practice extensive knowledge of all the current technology.

With different backgrounds but the same ideology, standards and dedication to the best possible treatment for all their patients, Dr. Louis Jerome and Dr. Jae Oh proudly carry on a 50 year tradition of excellence as we move further into the 21st century.

-Contributed by Dr. Fred Harris