Jae Oh DDS Louis Jerome DMD





Our practice is equipped with Zeiss surgical microscopes in our treatment rooms. Zeiss is the recognized world leader in advanced optics. The enhanced magnification and xenon/LED illumination of the operating microscope allows superior visualization of the finest detail in the tooth structure, thereby allowing us to perform the highly techniical aspect of the endodontic treatment with the utmost precision.

Nickel-titanium instruments

In our practice, instrumentation of the root canal is facilitated by files made of a unique alloy of Nickel-Titanium. They are extremely flexible allowing for efficiency in completing root canal therapy and improved clinical results of significantly curved canals.


promax 3d classic imaging device

Promax 3D classic device combines a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) image, 3D face photo and 3D model scan into one 3D image. It provides a vast amount of detailed anatomical information with unrestricted view of patients and optimal dose.

SCHICK 33 sensor

Our practice utilizes the most advanced computerized x-ray imaging system in dentistry. This highly sophisticated imaging system provides an immediate digital image of the tooth during treatment while dramatically reducing the amount of patient exposure to radiation. The patient's reduction in radiation is upwards of 80-90% compared with conventional dental x-rays. No developing and fixing chemicals are involved and it is more environment-friendly than traditional film radiographs.


Ultrasonics are another technological advancement utilized in our office for the successful treatment of both surgical and non-surgical cases. These sophisticated units use vibrational energy to remove posts and broken instruments, tough(search) for calcified (hidden) canals, and removed portions of pre-existing filling material. Ultrasonic instruments are also used during microsurgical treatment. They are a wonderfully elegant addition to our technology.  


The electronic apex locator is indispensable in achieving predictable non-surgical endodontic treatment. The incorporation of an electronic apex locator allows accurate computer measurement of root canal length during endodontic treatment. This allows the procedure to be completed more quickly, more precisely and further reduces the need for additional radiographs.


Warm vertical system b and hotshot

Our practice uses the latest technique to fill the root canal treatment for irregularly shaped canals with System B and cordless Hotshot. Instead of elaving voids and spaces with old fashioned techniques, these tools help to fill the irregularly shaped root canal areas completely.